Our products

We are proud creators and owners of local brands with international potential.


Uber like platform for home cleaning services

Our flagship webapp allows you to order a helping hand in your neighbourhood. Using the geolocation technology we managed to create an easy tool where you order cleaning of your apartment on a single click. App makes it super easy to manage your regular home cleaning visits with variable dates and without opening the app.

Feel free to select your desired tasks and your appointment dates. Neighbouring helper is on its way in no time. Most of the partnered helpers are experienced cleaners, mothers at home or even working females exchanging their free time for money.

Integrated chat grants us the chance to support our users in time and "style". The magic is done by using the best practices that users are used to. It makes your site or an app to be used easily and without confusion by everyone.


Lunch orders for business groups and colleagues made fast and easy

This is our favourite. How can a larger group of company employees order a lunch delivery all together. It is now possible only with our Foodienaut. The app allows you to order your lunch with a single click. The restaurant receives the order with all selected food. The design is using simple view of the daily menus with easy selection of your desired lunch in exchange for credit. Our company clients are growing every day and restaurants are happy to serve them all at once instead of small individual orders.


Skilled men for home repair and reconstruction services

In cooperation with an acclaimed construction company we created a tool for everything you need in times of home repairs or reconstruction. Easiest way to get several inspection bookings from the best professionals in the field.

System takes care of finding the workers you need and setting up the nearest available date of their visit. After the inspections the user can select the winner or the best offer for their order.


One place for home based sellers and buyers of party snacks and food.

One of our very first creations was a marketplace for home made goodies. The app takes care of everything from ordering to making sure it goes all well during and after the deal.

In case of creating something new, we can help you in an efficient way.

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